Working With Neutrals


Neutrals can be many different colors and each color has different shades and tones so there is a lot to choose from. The only word that doesn’t apply is “boring”!

Architectural Details
Understanding that almost every room has some architectural value to start with, whether it is your baseboards, crown molding, columns, an interesting window, or the best view, whether outside or to another room, is key. Work with what you have or if you have it in your budget to enhance the elements that are missing or need improvement. This gives you the best starting point.

Layer Fabrics and Textures
Once you select a palette, greys, beiges, taupes, whites, etc., focus on “feel good” fabrics. Linen, velvet, cotton, brocades, crepes, and silks are just some examples of fabrics that bring on the “ahhh” when you touch them. Each of these fabrics and more all catch the light differently, produce different sensations and recall different sense memories for people. Use them in abundance!

Add Soft Elements of Color for Sophistication
When using neutral colors, it’s so important to have a few elements of color which really enrich the room, so the result is cohesive, sophisticated, and restful. A pastel shade of almost any color is a good choice to broaden the appeal of a neutral palette.

Combine with a Bold Color for Drama
For a more dramatic room select one bold color and use it as the “yin” to your neutral “yang” color palette. Look in your closet for ideas about what colors you are drawn to. Fire Engine Red, Eggplant, Reflex Blue, Pucci Orange, or Hunter Green are all good choices but play with a color wheel and see what part speaks to you and the mood you are trying to create.

Layer Rugs, Lighting, and Accessories to Finish
This step is like putting the jewelry on your room. Old school says to start with a good rug and then once your furniture is in place add artwork, lamps, mirrors, and more to make the room truly your own. But today you can start with just one good piece you love, like a quirky painting, and add things as your budget allows. A well-curated space comes with time and living with the things you love. Enjoy!