Tip #7 – A Florida White Christmas

When you say White Christmas to almost anyone in the United States, heck even around the world, people immediately think of Bing Crosby and the lilting refrains of Snow, Snow Snow!  Anyone except Floridians that is.  As the temperatures drop and the holidays start to roll around we know that few if any of us will see snow flurries but many of us still want a white christmas.  We call it Coastal Christmas.  If you are working on your own winter wonderland right now, here are a few tips that can make furnishing & decorating easier.

First, think of the whites that are native to Florida; award-winning sandy beaches, seashells, weathered Cypress branches, Magnoilia blossoms, Christmas Cactus and big fluffy clouds.  Bring those looks and feels into your room settings.  A mix of those familiar scents, shapes and textures will lend a complexity that is stimulating and relaxing all at the same time.

Second, If you just won the lottery then Congratulations!  You can afford to order new couches, chairs and ottomans.  Rush on over and Kellum’s will assist you.  If you’re like most of us though you’re looking for a cost effective way to bring your vission of sugarplums to reality.  An industry secret to achieve an all-white bacdrop on a budget is slipcovers.  Look for white or winter white in Velvet, Corduroy or Cotton Ducking that will have a cozy feel and suptuous look to them.  On an even tighter budget?  Over your existing furnishings, layer plush lap blankets, throw pillows and table linens in your desired white palette.  Rachel Zoe and Nicole Miller are two masters of the Coastal Christmas Aesththetic that you can shop for.  They each have outstanding seasonal white items in all these categories.

Third, the general White Christmas theme can be dressed up or down.  Use lots of natural elements like pine cones and touches of forest green or pale blues for casual farmhouse or danish modern style.  This style is more spare and is best with small vignettes displaying your most treasured pieces.  If your taste leans to glitz and glam go with the More-is-More philosophy.  Adding lots of pearls, crystal, silver and gold.  Put out everything and then add some more!  With either of these styles white lights and an abundance of candles make everything look more special.

Finally, finishing touches are what make the difference between boring & mundane or elevated; tasteless & tacky, or spectacular.  Unless you have an unlimited budget and can afford professional help try to avoid this year’s newest novelty in favor of more timeless touchstones.  There’s a reason you love angels, reindeer, trees and snowmen and so does everyone else.  Also think about photo opportunities.  You’ll likely take more photos over the holidays than you will at any time other than summer vacation.  Step back and turn a critical eye on your front door, fireplace, dining table or maybe that picture window with a great view of your outdoor decorations.  Do each of those special spots look as bright and exciting as possible?  If not, let the elf in you come out.  If so, then your work is done.  Put on Bing, pour a cup of cocoa and let the fun begin!