Tip #6 – Welcome Fall into Your Home

Cool, crisp mornings bring thoughts of Fall. Whether the daytime highs have come down or not a change of décor can make your environment seem as warm and cozy as you desire. The two secrets to getting that Autumn in New England appeal are Color and Texture.

First, where to start. Don’t ignore your front walkway, porch and door. A beautiful wreath or doorhanger that makes a statement is a great touch; one that is in scale with your home but that can be seen from the street. It welcomes guests and sets the tone for what’s to come. If your budget allows add a seasonal door mat or rug and some potted fall foliage like mums or coleus. Pumpkins are a sure hit with their vibrant color and can stay in place through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Finally, a lantern or other source of decorative lighting in addition to your existing porch light is a smart idea. Layering light sources is more visually appealing, and, with shorter days, will be appreciated by both you and your neighbors alike.

Moving your attention to the interiors, this is where most of your time and effort should be spent. Color sends an automatic and unspoken message about the change of season. If your home’s basic overall color palette is light the rest of the year this is the time to go darker and richer. For inspiration think jewel tones and fall leaves. Adding splashes of Hunter, Forest and Teal to a lighter blue/green palette will work wonders. Each family on the color wheel has darker shades you can gravitate to. If you have yellows and peaches add orange, copper, and gold. If you have red, white and blue add more navy, cranberry and gray. This can be done with pillows, throws & lap blankets, area rugs, table lamps and small decorative objects.

Texture is another subtle way to amp up the impact of your decorative choices. Imagine the feel of nubby fabrics, soft blankets, brittle branches and leaves, oil-rubbed wood, and burnished metals. Work versions of these elements into your rooms, adding more in public spaces like living rooms and guest baths while adding a smaller dose in private places like bedrooms and home offices.

The finished atmosphere should feel warm and cozy for the cold nights ahead. The reset will help you enjoy the change of season and make your home a haven for friends and family.