Tip #5 Bring Summer Indoors

Bring Summer’s Sunshine Indoors!  This time of year invites thoughts of family vacations, pool parties and picnics with the kids.  But if you focus on small changes in your décor the inside of your home will seem as sunshiny and fun as the outdoors.

First take a good look around your main living areas.  Your goal in turning a keen eye on the status quo is to determine what small changes can make a big difference in the overall feeling of the rooms.

CURTAINS can be pulled back, changed to a lighter fabric and color, or taken down all together, leaving only wooden blinds or roll-up bamboo shades.  This in itself brings in more light and provides a tropical feel to things.  If you don’t have a chaise lounge or comfy recliner by the window, then consider purchasing a piece in either a bright tropical print fabric or a monochromatic fabric in a color that speaks to the blue skies or sandy beaches.

PILLOWS are a quick and easy mood changer.  Take away everything in dark colors and heavy winter fabrics and substitute lighter choices like cottons, linens and sailcloth in that previously mentioned sand and sky theme.  For pops of other color use the palette of your favorite summer flowers as your inspiration, like red hibiscus, coral poppies, yellow sunflowers, and purple iris.

TRANSITIONAL FURNITURE is always a smart choice.  It adds layers of sophistication to your home’s décor and helps your budget as well.  It is never more important however than when so many of your friends and family are dropping by on daytrips or summer vacations. Ceramic or metal garden stools can be used for seating both inside and out.  Place one by a chair or a grouping of three to display collectibles.  When company arrives, move the transitional pieces around inside or out for additional seating.  Wooden benches can hold packages at the door, cotton throws for afternoon naps and, in a pinch, provide extra seating at the dining table or on the patio.  The best pieces are sturdy but light enough to make relocation easy.

CLEAR A PATH and develop a site line that leads people to your outdoor spaces, whether it is a small square of concrete with a potted plant or acres of land with forests and a pool.  Regardless of whether guests step outside or stay in and just enjoy the view it announces that summer has arrived! These few ideas can be quickly implemented over a weekend on a sparse budget and the results will make you feel like you’ve gone on vacation!