Refreshing, Renovating & Spring Cleaning

White sneakers b and broom on navy rug

If you are stuck inside because of Winter weather, make the most of your time by getting ready for Spring.  Tackling a small project, like fresh paint on an accent wall or moving and regrouping how your artwork is arranged and hung, can give you a whole new feel for Valentine’s, Fat Tuesday, Passover and/or Easter.

There is a reason for the old expression “Clean from top to bottom”.  It is the logical and most efficient way to clean any area, room or whole house.  Start with ceiling fans, walls, wall art, draperies, and work your way down to the furniture.  Vacuum all the upholstered pieces and use soft rags and a good polish on all the wood furniture and other wood trim.  Dust and dirt, as well as bacteria from winter colds and viruses, embed into your fabric coverings.  They leave odors, dull the color and shorten the life of your fabrics.  Finally, end with cleaning floors and vacuuming rugs.

A bagless vacuum should have a good HEPA filter so you are catching all the dust, dander and any pet hair.  If not bagless, then make certain to empty the bag often and change the filters frequently.  No need to do double work keeping up with a lack of efficiency that puts much of the same particles back into your air and onto your surfaces.

Rearranging your furniture is a great next step.  As each piece is cleaned move it out of the way to a new spot.  Sit down on chairs, benches, and sofas to observe the new perspective.  Keep shifting until you get a fresh arrangement that offers new vistas.  There may be new horizons or cozy corners you’re missing with your furniture placed in its current “usual” position.

Once you’re satisfied with the new placement, this is the perfect time to assess your belongings.  Do you need a new reading chair?  Are you missing a piece at your entry for changing shoes and dropping packages?  Has your collection of favorite things outgrown the tiny shelf unit it is displayed on?  And honestly, has your sofa seen better days?  If the answer to any of these questions or many more is yes, then make a plan.

  1. Make a prioritized list and set a budget,
  2. Start looking at home décor magazines and websites to get ideas, and
  3. Talk to a trusted source for the inside scoop on sales, special events and any perks or customer loyalty programs.

By the time sunny skies start rolling in, your home will be ready for a brighter and better Spring!