Holiday Decor

Holiday Decor

Bargain Shop Year-Round ~ As every bargain hunter knows, the best time to buy holiday decor is the day after the holiday. However, you should think of holiday shopping as more than that. Shopping off-season really is the key to finding great items. Big Box stores, specialty boutiques, antique malls and thrift stores have great finds throughout the year, and don’t be afraid to look in aisles that aren’t necessarily related to that holiday. Throughout the year local festivals & craft fairs are also a fun way to find some memorable, unique holiday items.

Get Crafty ~ Some of the best holiday decor is just begging to be made. Consider hosting a craft evening with friends. Have everyone bring a favorite Pinterest idea or a project they worked on as a child and then let your creative juices flow. At least one project will be a total flop, but it’s always fun and creates memorable pieces to use pull out again each year.

Don’t Let a Theme Box You In ~ Unless you have an heirloom collection the size of the Guggenheim sticking to a single theme can be overwhelming. Don’t be too theme-specific. Select a couple of themes based on colors you like together or that are suggested by one of your favorite collectibles and go from there. Use memorable heirlooms as centerpieces and then add table linens, pillows, and other décor that plays off their theme or color or both. For instance, Winter Wonderland would be a great theme if you have a collection of Delft, Portuguese pottery, or Chinese blue & white ceramics. That would allow you to add green with trees and forest items or reds with scenes of skating and skiing.

Scale Back but Make Connections ~ Crowding every room with holiday décor can be claustrophobic. Make a big splash in your public spaces but keep secondary or private rooms free from all but a small touch that calls back to decor in the rest of the home. Each room gets its own moment, no matter how small or how festive, that makes it a piece of the whole. It should have a connecting thread throughout with the design. Maybe it’s the color of the lights or silver stars throughout. Tell your story.

Picture the Scene ~ While lots of people might feel the need to maintain traditional holiday color schemes, you can also let your inner child go wild. Picture a favorite scene from a holiday book or movie and draw inspiration from that. If you want pink and turquoise to complement your beach décor and furniture, go for it! Do what you makes you happy and brings you joy – this is what the holidays are all about!

Bring the Outdoors Inside ~ Even if you use an artificial tree or garland to save time and effort, splurge on at least one live holiday plant. Something seasonal like poinsettias, small potted pines or Christmas cactus. A natural touch in every room speaks to people, especially when it’s cold outside and everyone is huddled indoors.