Much like many families, the Kellum’s Furniture you see today has a rich history that has weathered many storms and ably adapted to many changes in the last 40 years.

In 1976 as a young couple, Jim and Betty Kellum moved from Tampa to the Big Bend area. They saw Gadsden County as an ideal place to raise their children. Visiting Havana for the first time proved to be an important part of that leap of faith. Havana’s location on the Florida-Georgia Highway, just north of the State Capital and just south of the state border, appeared perfectly suited for a “destination enterprise”. Betty worked for Davis Smith Realty and Killearn Realty before earning her broker’s license in 1984 and establishing Betty Kellum Realty.

During this period the Kellums operated a series of antique shops in various spots rented in and around Havana. In the early days, Jim & Betty would travel up the east coast scouring for antiques and bring back an 18-wheeler semi-truck packed to the gills with great finds. They sold the inventory at once-a-month auctions that would draw hundreds of people from all over the southeast. In 1992 they purchased the landmark property that had housed the Dave Flury Chevrolet dealership in Havana’s Historic Downtown District. This complex gave them more room to operate the day-to-day business, The Antique & Design Center, while continuing to run the auctions.

Etched mirror with picture of Dave Flury Chevorlete

In 1994 a tragic fire swept through the property overnight, burning most of the structures down to the ground. The only building left standing is the 8000 sq. ft. warehouse that houses the Antique & Design Center today.

By 2000, design trends and the business climate were changing and the demand for new furniture was booming. Construction on a new building had been completed offering 10.000+ additional sq. ft. and Kellum’s Furniture was opened. Response to exclusive, top-of-the line offerings from companies like FLEXSTEEL and Mavin was overwhelming. the friendly staff at Kellum’s Furniture is trained to assist clients with everything from design decisions to financing options. In 2019, ‘20 & ’21 business slowed to a trickle during the height of the Covid-19 crisis, but we came back stronger than ever! As of today, Kellum’s Furniture has been a part of making houses into homes for hundreds of customers across multi-generations of the Big Bend and South Georgia.

From the beginning, the Kellums established and maintained a culture centered on customer service, experience, professionalism, and satisfaction. Within the firm, it is the belief that everyone is our customer, and that includes the employees, agents and vendors who are a part of The Kellum Group. Like Havana, we’re small and friendly and treat clients with honesty and integrity. Stop in to experience the Kellum difference.